We help Wellingborough ASC dive into future competitions

Wellingborough ASC has been given a boost during training and at future competitions, thanks to a donation of £1,080 from the team at Glenvale Park. The funds have been used to purchase new swim caps and backstroke flags for the team, allowing them to stand out against their competition.

The club has a long-standing history within the town, having been part of Wellingborough’s athletics scene since 1970. Sports clubs were affected considerably by the Covid-19 pandemic and our sponsorship of the club will allow them to compete in post-lockdown tournaments with a refreshed look.   

Mike Roach, President of Wellingborough ASC, said: 

“We are so thankful to Glenvale Park for this kind and generous donation. It’s clear that sports groups were affected heavily by the pandemic – and it’s been brilliant to start to get back on our feet this year. Donations such as this one mean so much to us as we attend tournaments and start to compete again. The backstroke flags and swim caps look brilliant; we can’t wait to see them put to good use in our upcoming competitions!”

Mark Best, Director of Northants LLP – the developers behind Glenvale Park, said: 

“Giving back to the local community through supporting local sports groups who were affected by the pandemic is something we are really keen to help with Glenvale Park. What we do is about so much more than bringing new homes to Wellingborough – we’re also passionate about ensuring that the local community benefits in a variety of ways from our presence in the town. 

“It is a real honour to support Wellingborough ASC and we wish them all the very best in training and at future competitions.”

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