The Development

Encourages a
sense of community

The Glenvale Park master plan was designed to create a place that’s sustainable and encourages a sense of community.

Almost half of the site is designated as open space providing a mix of mature existing woodland, wildflower meadows, informal grassland areas and formal open space including family play areas. All of the open space has been strategically planned and linked throughout by an extensive network of cycle and pedestrian routes.

A design code has been prepared to ensure high standards are achieved throughout the development. There are different character areas across the site to ensure variety and choice – ranging from the more formal Lower Glenvale overlooking Brook Park to the green expanses of Glenvale Ridge – all with a common thread of quality design.

Glenvale Park Interactive Masterplan

  • Housing
  • Business Park
  • Local Centres
  • Schools
  • Parkland Areas
  • Primary Infrastructure
  • Gateway Access
  • Formal Outdoor Recreation Area

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3

Anticipated Development Timeline *Indicative only & subject to change

Phase 1A infrastructure completed

Q2 2020

First Housebuilders commenced

Q2 2020

First New Homes available for sale

Q1 2021

First Residents take occupation

Q2 2021

Glenvale Park Local Centre Opens


Glenvale Park Primary School Opens



Mixed Community

The housing is proposed in three main phases or neighbourhood areas:

Phase 1 – The central neighbourhood includes development around the neighbourhood centre

Phase 2 – The western neighbourhood adjacent to the proposed business park

Phase 3 The eastern neighbourhood is developed around the existing Redhill Grange estate

Density will vary across the development, with higher densities in the core of the development near to local centres. Buildings will generally be two storeys with three or four storeys fronting major routes, within the neighbourhood centre and on key locations where architectural emphasis is appropriate. There will be a mix of apartments, terraces, semi-detatched and detatched houses.

A mixture of housing tenures will be provided to accommodate a range of housing needs, thus providing the opportunity to accommodate a variety of people and create a mixed community. Affordable housing will be provided to offer a range of properties for lower income households and those with special needs.

A new two form entry primary school to be delivered in the heart of Phase 1 so that it is easily accessible for all homes. The school is fully funded and will be delivered at an early stage within the development with a target opening for first admissions in September 2022.

The primary school is positioned at the heart of the development and will form a vibrant community hub alongside the new community building, nursery, family play area and public plaza. The hub will also provide amenities for the adjacent sports and recreation fields.

The Local Centre is located to be within easy access to the new community on foot, by bike and by public transport with the local route system and the footpath and cycle network converging on the centre. The centre will also be highly accessible to the existing communities of Redhill Grange, Great Harrowden and Little Harrowden.

The facilities are grouped around a central square and will be a lively, active and vibrant place with a range of uses carefully mixed to ensure its vitality. These include the following amenities:

A small Co-Op supermarket of 500 sqm
A new Family pub restaurant
A range of smaller shop units providing a further 1,200 sqm of retail space including café, restaurant, take-away and gym uses
A new 66-bed Care Home facility

An extensive new parkland network is proposed including new recreation grounds and multi-functional informal parks that provide an attractive setting for development. The open spaces which represent around 48% of the total development area are split into three main parks:

  1. Ridge Park located around the northern perimeter of the development;
  2. Brook Park along the valley bottom
  3. A series of Swale Parks within the residential areas.

The development is set within existing mature countryside however there is considerable new woodland planting also proposed within the parks.

In addition to the informal parkland areas there is also the provision of significant formal open spaces within the development. In particular the new multi-use cricket pitch will form the focal point of Phase 1.

An area of approximately 6.7ha (16.53 acres) is provided for the development of a high-quality business park to the north of the Park Farm Way industrial area.

The business park is anticipated to accommodate around 25,000m² (269,107ft²) of development providing approximately 3,000 new jobs and would be accessed from a new junction on Niort Way.

The primary infrastructure network has been carefully planned to provide high degrees of accessibility and offer a permeable network of roads, footways and cycle ways throughout the development. The network has been designed to prioritise movement by walking and cycling where possible and to maximise accessibility for all residents to the key facilities within the development whilst also providing strong connectivity to Wellingborough town centre and to the neighbouring villages.

The development is proposed in three main phases or neighbourhood areas:

Phase 1: The central neighbourhood includes the development of up to 1,500 new homes around the main local neighbour centre and public realm. The phase is the heart of the development and will contain the following assets alongside the housing and local centre:

  • A new 2-form entry primary school
  • a community centre with a consolidated outdoor play hub facility
  • a care home
  • significant formal and informal open space provision delivered across 3 parkland areas

Phase 2: The western neighbourhood will provide up to 700 new homes adjacent to the proposed Glenvale business park. The phase is set within existing mature open space which will be significantly enhanced as part of the development.

Phase 3: The eastern neighbourhood is developed around the existing Redhill Grange estate. There will be a further 800 new homes delivered in this phase along with a second 2-form entry primary school.