Glenvale Park goes blooming wild for ‘No Mow May’ 

With 97% of flower-rich meadows lost in the UK since 1930, Glenvale Park has teamed up with the Resident’s Association to participate in ‘No Mow May’, a campaign to encourage wildflower growth and support pollinator biodiversity in the area.

No Mow May aims to support pollinating insects like hoverflies, bees, and butterflies whilst also providing essential food and habitats for small creatures and birds.

Residents across the development are choosing to refrain from mowing their lawns, allowing space for rare wildflowers to thrive.

To support the initiative, designated communal areas within Glenvale Park, including wildflower beds and grass banks around the ponds will be left to grow freely throughout the month, encouraging biodiversity to flourish.

Mark Best, Director of Midtown Capital Ltd, Managing Partner of Glenvale Park LLP, said: “No Mow May is an ideal initiative to put Glenvale Park’s expansive green space to use, increasing wildflower growth and supporting pollinators.

“It has been really rewarding to see residents coming together and joining us in this effort. We look forward to spotting different butterflies and plant life making an appearance at the development.”

Stephen Chester, Managing Partner of Spendlove Contracting, the local contractor responsible for Glenvale Park’s landscaping, commented: “It’s already been exciting to see how leaving certain areas of the development’s green space to grow naturally has affected the local biodiversity.

“We have big plans for the open space around Glenvale Park, with hopes that they will further increase the level of wildflowers and pollinators for residents to spot and benefit from.”

As well as providing high-quality homes, Glenvale Park is committed to giving back to the community of Wellingborough through both community engagement, and a dedicated social value programme.

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