Public art commission selects Fiona Grady for transformative installation

Glenvale Park LLP and NN Contemporary Art are thrilled to announce Fiona Grady’s selection for the public art commission at Glenvale Park Primary School in Wellingborough.

Grady, known for her vibrant and dynamic geometric artworks, will bring her transformative vision to the heart of the school and the new community at Glenvale.

The Glenvale Park Public Art Commission selection process, led by NN Contemporary Art acting as Public Art Consultant, was rigorous and inclusive, involving a panel of local members, school representatives, councillors, and the Mayor of Wellingborough. Their collective expertise and community insight ensured that the chosen artist resonated deeply with the aspirations and values of the new Wellingborough community at Glenvale Park.

Triangulations – an example of Grady’s previous artwork

Grady’s artistic practice incorporates architectural interventions that redefine their surroundings. Her impactful creations evolve by harnessing light, colour, shape, surface, and scale, weaving together themes of memory and experience.

The ‘Polygon Shuffle’ artwork for Glenvale Primary School will transform the foyer into a captivating space with suspended Perspex shapes and transparent vinyl motifs. Designed to evoke wonder, the abstract geometric elements will encourage individual interpretation, reflecting the school’s focus on learning through shapes, colour, and light.

These multi-sensory installations will create a vibrant atmosphere, casting colourful shadows and engaging viewers inside and outside the building. By fostering playfulness and curiosity, the artwork will enhance students’ engagement with maths, science and art, while also providing a visual delight for local residents, particularly at night with the interplay of light and shadow.

Commenting on her selection, Fiona Grady said: “I’m excited to be creating my new commission ‘Polygon Shuffle’ for the residents of Glenvale Park. It’s a lovely opportunity to design an artwork that connects with the local community and focuses on how to spark the imagination of the young pupils of Glenvale Park Primary School.

“Working with light, shape and colour; I aim to find magical moments through the multi-sensory artworks to enhance the building and surrounding area.”

In addition to the commission, Grady will spearhead a series of engagement sessions with local children from the school. These interactive workshops will foster creativity and community cohesion, inviting participants to contribute to the artistic process and leave their mark on Glenvale Park’s cultural landscape.

Mark Best, Director of Midtown Capital Ltd, managing partner of Glenvale Park LLP, commented: “Fiona’s visionary approach to public art aligns perfectly with our commitment to enriching residents’ lives through creative expression.

“We look forward to seeing the transformative impact of her installation and engaging with the school throughout this exciting project.”

With a rich portfolio that includes solo exhibitions at esteemed venues such as the University of Brighton, Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, and The Eye Sees in Arles, France, Grady has established herself as a leading figure in contemporary art. Her work has been commissioned by renowned organizations and institutions worldwide, including Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery, Canary Wharf Group and ITV, among others.

Grady’s accolades include the prestigious Mark Rothko Memorial Trust Bursary and grants from Arts Council England, underscoring her commitment to artistic excellence and innovation.

The project is set to commence on-site in April, with completion scheduled for September, ensuring that pupils can enjoy the new facilities at their school just in time for the start of the academic year.

Lynette Dudley, Chair of Governors at Wilby CE Primary School, commented: “The new building at Glenvale Park is an incredible exciting opportunity for our children.

“A building though is just part of a school. We are looking to develop an exceptional learning environment for our pupils, and the artwork that Fiona will work with our community to create, will only help to inspire young minds for generations to come.

“We are hugely excited with her plans.”