As part of our new Community Spotlight series, Matt Fountain, owner of Bewiched Coffee tells us about his life in Wellingborough, how he started his business and its success so far… 

Bewiched Coffee opened its first store in 2010 and has been successfully growing ever since, with a total of 15 stores across the Midlands. Bewiched will open its newest store at Glenvale Park, and we are thrilled to have an independent, thriving business join our community.  

Hi Matt! Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hi! I have a wife and three young children, I enjoy spending time with them, playing football once a week and trying to stay fit. My other passion is running a busy business with all its ups and downs, I love the fun and challenges it brings, as well as how much I learn from it.  

How long have you lived in Wellingborough for?

I’ve lived in Wellingborough on and off for 12 years.

Tell us a bit about your work with Bewiched…

I set up the first Bewiched in 2010 in Wellingborough after being made redundant. My ambition for the business was to create something that sets a new standard in terms of customer service in the UK coffee industry. We were thrilled to have been awarded ‘Best Customer Experience’ at the annual National QSR Conference this year, but we know there is still huge room for improvement. Besides service, we like to differentiate ourselves from the incumbent market leaders by only serving freshly roasted coffee (quite often the coffee you drink in large chains has been batch roasted months ago), we also do a cracking milkshake!

What are your top three things about the town?

The people who supported our start up business, a great sense of community and fantastic links to the wider area. 

What’s a lesser-known fact about, or place in, Wellingborough that you think everyone should know about?

Wellingborough as its name suggests, is related to five famous holy healing wells that are said to have brought fertility to King Charles I and his wife in the 17th Century. There is a beautiful mosaic in the town centre that depicts the five wells and represents important parts of Wellingborough’s historic identity.

What would you like the future of Wellingborough to look like?

It would be great to see a new independent drive-thru coffee offer! Watch this space…

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