Whether you opt for a Welsh ‘cwtch’ or a Danish ‘hygge’, as the nights draw in, and the weather cools, having a snug space to retreat to is more important than ever.

We caught up with the expert interior designers who worked with Barratt Homes at Glenvale Park, a new community of 3,000 homes in Wellingborough, to get the tips and tricks homeowners should keep in mind when sprucing up their space in time for the cosier months.

Lydia at Artspace Interiors, who worked on behalf of Barratt Homes, explained how they achieved an elegant, yet homely feel at Glenvale Park:

Make your space welcoming

  • Adding a new scent to your space can create a welcoming atmosphere in your home. Invest in ‘warm’ smells like amber or cedarwood, which work especially well in the opening to your home, setting a welcoming scene for the rest of the space.

Create warmth through lighting

  • Introducing table lamps and candles gives a warmer, cosier light for when the evenings become darker. We’d also suggest using mirrors on walls opposite windows to reflect any natural light back into your room.
  • This can be easily achieved by making small changes such as changing to warm white bulbs, adding dimmer switches, or purchasing task-specific lamps to create a cosy reading nook.

Keep it comfy

  • Think about textures – layering faux fur and chunky knit throws always makes the sofa space more inviting. We’d recommend adding a rug on hard floors to keep your toes warm and to soften the hard surface.

Look outside for colour inspiration

  • Include natural materials like wood and wicker to soften your interiors. A great way to find colour inspiration is to look to the changing seasons – get ideas from all the natural textures and colours the autumn and winter seasons bring and take creativity from nature, local elements, and the countryside.

Add a pop of colour with plants

  • Introducing some greenery whether that be faux plants or real, will bring some life into the home in an understated way. Planters and faux-dried reeds are also on-trend designs which can contribute to creating the perfect autumnal abode.
  • If you prefer fresh plants or flowers, these are also a great way to add vitality to your design and help clean the air and improve respiration during the colder months.

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