ilke Homes and MAN Group to join Glenvale Park

Leading modular housing pioneer ilke Homes and Man GPM, Man Group’s private markets investment business, have partnered to acquire an eight-acre site at Glenvale Park.

The site will deliver 146 multi-tenure single family homes including rental options. The range of accommodation will include four 4-bedroom homes, 59 3-bedroom homes, 67 2-bedroom homes, and 16 1- and 2-bedroom apartments. The homes will be manufactured offsite at ilke Homes’ 250,000 sq ft factory in Knaresborough, Yorkshire, before being delivered to Glenvale Park.

Man GPM’s Community Housing strategy seeks to achieve the dual objectives of providing both social and financial returns, addressing the housing crisis in the UK by building homes that are affordable to households. The strategy invests and develops both rental and ownership homes, with a focus on addressing the housing challenges of ‘squeezed middle-income’ families who do not qualify for social housing and who are priced out of the housing market.

Of the 146 homes being delivered, 101 will be made available at affordable rent levels and 45 for shared ownership, with the aim of improving access to high-quality housing for essential workers and middle-income families.

Tom Heathcote, Executive Director of Development at Ilke Homes said: “ilke Homes is increasingly becoming a partner of choice for institutions looking to increase their exposure to the housing market. Our accredited modular methods of delivery will ensure that the scheme will align with Man GPM’s own, stringent ESG criteria, while also providing much-needed, energy-efficient homes for the local community.

“We look forward to working with both local planning officials and other stakeholders to finalise plans for what will be a well-designed sustainable development, in keeping the wider Glenvale Park urban extension.”

Shamez Alibhai, Head of Community Housing and Managing Director at Man GPM, said: “We are delighted to be delivering a high-quality modern development which will make a positive contribution to easing local affordable housing shortages.

“The scale of the housing shortfall across the UK requires innovative solutions, with consideration for social and environmental outcomes, to create high quality, sustainable communities. By partnering with ilke Homes to deliver modular housing at Glenvale Park we are not only building affordable homes but doing so in a way that underlines our commitment to sustainable and energy-efficient projects.”

Jack Hutchinson, an Associate in the Residential Investment team at Knight Frank, said: “We have witnessed a rapid acceleration in the volume of capital looking to enter the suburban build to rent market over recent months. There are currently around 2.3 million privately renting households living in the UK, and 60% of those rent houses instead of flats. Demand from renters for professionally managed family housing is growing significantly, so were delighted to broker this deal between Northants, Ilke Homes and Man GPM .”

Mark Best, Director of Midtown Capital Ltd, managing partner of Glenvale Park LLP said: “We are delighted to welcome ilke Homes and Man GPM to Glenvale Park. These homes will bring an exciting new offering to the development, with ilke’s pioneering and highly sustainable modular properties delivering professionally-managed family homes for rent within our growing community.”

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